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Enfield Learning Trust


Accessibility Policy 2022-2025

Admissions Policy 2022-2023

Admissions Appeal Timetable and Process

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Racism Statement 2022-2025

Attendance Guidance 2022-2025

Behaviour Policy 2022

Behaviour Policy Appendix 2022 

Statement of Expectation of Behaviour

Code of Practice for Disclosure and Barring Service Registered Persons

Charging and Remission Policy 2022

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2022

Complaints Policy and Procedures 2022

Curriculum Intent Statement 2022-2025

Curriculum Guidance 2022-2025

Curriculum Policy 2021

Data Protection Policy 2022-2023

Debt Recovery Guidance 2022-2025

Designated Teacher Policy 2021

Equality Information and Objectives 2022-2025

Equality Objectives Action Plan 2022-2023 

Gender Pay Report 2021Gender Pay Report 2020 / Gender Pay Report 2019

First Aid Managing Medicines and Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs 2022

Fixed Asset Policy 2022-2025

Freedom of Information Policy 2022-2025

Health and Safety Policy 2022-2023

Inclusion Statement 2022-2025

Letting Policy 2022-2023

Online Safety Guidance 2022-2025

Online Safety 'What Do We Do If' Guidance 2022-2025

Physical Intervention Guidance 2022-2025

Pupils Walking Home Alone Guidance 2021-2022

Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2022

Religious Education Policy 2022-2025

Remote Learning Guidance 2022-2025

Safeguarding/Health & Safety information for visitors

SEND Policy and Information Report 2020

Subject Access Policy and Procedure 2021

Teaching and Learning and Assessment Guidance 2022-2025

Visitor Protocol

Whistleblowing Policy 2022-2025