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Enfield Learning Trust

Learning at Home

Home learning is used to support, consolidate and extend work taking place in lessons and is differentiated by task/content, appropriate to the needs of the pupils. Homework is given out on a Thursday and should be returned on the following Tuesday. Multiplication and Spelling are taught, learnt, practised, consolidated and tested weekly in each year group in each class/set.

Expectations for learning at home are:

Read a book (20 minutes daily)

Multiplication practice (10 minutes daily)

MyMaths task (30 minutes weekly)

Homework based around a word or phrase (30-45 minutes weekly)

Spelling (weekly)

History/Geography/Science assignment (termly)


Our pupils may want to continue learning at home by accessing the following site, which we use at school:   Maths Watch

Exciting investigations you can carry out at home with your children