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Pupils are taught to read, write and speak fluently so that they can access the full curriculum.  Pupils will acquire the skills to have a strong command of the spoken and written language and develop a love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment. 

High quality CLPE core texts complement the Literacy and Language anthologies recently introduced into the English curriculum.   This ensures that core skills are taught discretely but also meaningful links can be made across the curriculum.  High quality Read Aloud texts have been selected for each year group to introduce pupils to a wider range of authors.  There is a daily reading lesson which equips pupils with the skills to decode new vocabulary using specific reading strategies and models to develop higher order comprehension strategies.  In writing, pupils are aware of audience, purpose and context with an increasingly wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.  

For pupils working well below age-related expectations the curriculum is differentiated through Quality First Teaching strategies. 

Early interventions are put in place, especially in Year 3, to attempt to accelerate pupils’ fluency and phonics knowledge and application in Reading and Writing. No Nonsense Phonics is used to structure and support the learning.  Phonics-based banded readers are targeted at early readers for home-reading as well as for use in class lessons; these include Heinemann Rapid, OUP Code X and Project X.  

Digital texts can be accessed for home reading through the Bug Club Programme. 

First News - a UK newspaper for young readers. It is published in a full colour tabloid format every Friday, and aims to present current events and politics in a child-friendly format, alongside news on entertainment, sport and computer games

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