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Enfield Learning Trust

About us

During the pandemic our usual response notifications may be longer. This is due to our resources being diverted away from the usual compliance, as we prioritise other areas during this extraordinary period.  

Our Moral Purpose

As a school we want to make a positive difference in our pupils’ lives. We strive to develop happy and well-rounded citizens who are able to succeed in the local community and beyond.

Our Vision

We believe in an inclusive and creative curriculum which develops a life-long love of learning and celebrates equality and diversity.  We pride ourselves on pupils having a voice.  Pupils feel listened to, valued, respected and empowered.   We focus on high quality teaching and learning, which centres on providing our pupils with the skills and knowledge to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Our Values

Our values of Respect, Resilience, and Responsibility are at the heart of everything we do.  They guide our daily actions and reflect what we all accept and judge as valuable in life.