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Enfield Learning Trust

Home School Agreement

At Carterhatch Junior School we believe your child’s success is built upon a partnership between the school, the child and parents.  The child and parent/s are asked to read and sign the following agreement to reflect this partnership.

Agreement for the School - The school will:

  • Ensure the safety, happiness and self-confidence of all pupils and encourage them to do their best at all times.
  • Deliver a balanced and carefully planned curriculum, which meets the needs of all pupils.
  • Provide regular home learning opportunities.
  • Regularly inform parents and carers about how their children are progressing.
  • Contact parents and carers if we have concerns about progress, behaviour, attendance or punctuality.
  • Keep parents and carers informed about school life.

Agreement for pupils - To help me do well at school, I will:

  • Work hard and follow instructions.
  • Come to school every day and arrive on time.
  • Talk at home about what I learn at school.
  • Complete and return my home learning on time.
  • Wear school uniform.
  • Uphold the Carterhatch values.
  • Talk to an adult in school if I'm unhappy.
  • Be an ambassador for my school when I am off site.

Agreement for parents - To help my child at school I/We will

  • Bring my child to school every day at 8:50am and collect them at 3:15pm (unless attending a club or school trip).
  • Encourage my child to work hard.
  • Ensure my child completes and returns home learning tasks.
  • Ensure my child wears the correct uniform.
  • Contact the school if I have any concerns or questions.
  • Attend parents’ meetings, concerts and assemblies.
  • Keep the school up to date with any changes of circumstance, which may affect my child's learning.
  • Work with the school to make sure my child behaves well and upholds the Carterhatch values.
  • Ensure my child is aware of e-safety regarding use of all social media and that I monitor their use.